• Ref: Krempfast Vidaflex S550 Braid Glass Sleeve with Silicone Elastomer

Krempfast Vidaflex S550 Braided "E" Glass coated with silicone elastomer (UL Approved-File: E154100(M) sleeving. Vidaflex S550 sleeving offers a high degree of flexibility and they provide excellent resistance against ozone, ultraviolet radiation and humidity. Used to protect and insulate leads and wiring harnesses used in Aerospace, Automotive, Household appliances and Rail and Mass transit.

Vidaflex S550 - Insulating sleevings are compliant to the requirements of the directive 2002/95/EC (ROHS)

s550 Sleeving Specifications:

  • E Glass Fibre Braid with High Temp Silicone Elastomer Coating
  • High Temp Silicone withstands short term temp +250C,Continuous operating temp -20C to +200C
  • Glass Fibre Braid withstands temperatures up to +550C