• Ref: Krempfast Vidaflex 944 - 7kV Acrylic Coated Glass Braid

Krempfast - Vidaflex 944 Braided "E" Glass sleeving coated with Acrylic resin provides excellent flexibility allied to high abrasion resistance and mechanical strength. The Vidaflex 944 sleeving coated glass braids are widely used for the insulation of winding lead outs and joints on Class F rated induction motors, alternators, transformers, in addition to being used in motor vehicle wiring harness manufacture for the bundling, consolidation and protection of cables from friction and heat sources.

Vidaflex 944 - Insulating sleevings are compliant to the requirements of the directive 2002/95/EC (ROHS)

The 944 cable sleeving is specifically formulated from acrylic resin coatings which are applied as an aqueous solution and constructed from braided or knitted 'E' glass yarn with the minimum size of the glass yarn filaments greater than 9 microns.

Certain sizes of this product are available to buy online. For our full size range - please see below PDF Spec sheet or contact our team at Krempfast.

Krempfast Acrylic Coated Glass Sleeve is of High Quality and Low Cost that gives you products the best results every time.

944 Sleeving Specifications:

  • Braided "E" glass sleeving coated with acrylic resin.
  • Continuous operating temp -20C to 200C Glass Fibre Braid withstands temperatures up to +550C
Krempfast Vidaflex 944 - 7kV Acrylic Coated Glass Braid