• Ref: Krempfast Reflectotherm: High Temperature Reflective Sleeving

REFLECTOTHERM is a low profile, easy to apply solution for the component it protects.

REFLECTOTHERM is a range by Krempfast and designed to be highly reflective sleeving using woven glass fibre. Sleeving of this nature is primarily used in protecting components that run the risk of radiant and conductive heat sources. The outer aluminium seal maintains a highly reflective finish whilst the inner layer of woven glass fibre acts as a highly suitable thermal insulation.

REFLECTOTHERM coverings are a sleeve designed as a product of a woven E glass fabric using aluminium foil protection. The sleeve is designed by sewing the edge using an Aramid or Fibre-glass thread that prevents fraying of the glass fabric.

Typical Reflectotherm Applications:

Krempfast Heat Reflective (Woven Glass Fibre) Sleeving offers high quality thermal protection to its component applications. Common in use for engines and exhaust systems for working vehicles such as cars, transport and buses. Thermal sleeving is typically used to cover / protect:-


  • Engine wire harnesses
  • Hoses and tubing
  • A/C line
  • Hydraulic and Fuel lines
  • Control cables
    Features & Benefits:
  • Working temperature: 200°C
  • Flexible
  • Fluid and chemical resistant
  • Easy installation

Krempfast Heat Reflective Sleevings are of High Quality and Low Cost that are durable, robust and meet all manufacturing guidelines. For further information please contact the Krempfast sales team.