• AMW / AMWA Cable Tubing

    Cabling for a variety of low voltage electrical and mechanical applications

  • AMW / AMWA
  • AHW / AHWA Electrical cable sleeve insulation

    Designed for applications to seal and protect electrical and communication connections

  • AHW / AHWA
  • AMWA-FR Cable Tubing with adhesive

    Medium wall tubing with hot melting adhesive flame retardant, suitable for protecting low voltage electrical splices.

  • AHWA-FR Heavy Wall Heat Shrink Sleeves

    AHWA-FR is semi-rigid, heavy wall tubing, flame retardant with hot melting adhesive.

  • AHWA-6X Cable sleeves

    Ideal for application to extremely different diameter between cables

  • AHWA-6X
  • ACTV Medium tubing cables

    ACTV is medium wall tubing coated with hot melt adhesive developed to meet the specific needs of the CATV industry.

  • ACTV
  • AWAS Cable Sleeves

    AWAS cross linked polyethylene wraparound sleeves are suitable to restore XLPE and paper insulated cable’s outer jackets quickly and securely

  • AWAS

    These kits are designed for jointing 4 and 5 core 0,6kV Uo/1kV U plastic insulated cables armoured or armoured.